Vi-Cal Metals is a metal trading company, specializing in pick up, segregation and recycling of high temp alloys, aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, stainless steel, and various aerospace alloys.
Since 1997 ViCal Metals ¬†started purchasing scrap metal from various machine shops in Southern California using their own own trucks and pick up with 24 hours in Los Angeles & Orange County. With a growing clientele, Vi Cal Metals has expanded to waste management services and developed multiple locations in southern California. 

Today ViCals services include ¬†wholesale metal trading, brokerage, scrap consulting, and hazardous waste management, Non leak Containers. 

Today Vi-Cal Metals with industry affiliates, Monico Alloys and G. Harris International, imports and exports metal all over the world, trading $250 million of metal a year.
In Addition to buying scrap metal Vi-Cal Metals maintains a large and varied supply of metal at competitive prices. Please contact us today with any inquires.

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Scrap Waste & Pick Up Services in Southern California
Corporate Office 1400 N. Baxter Street, Anaheim, CA 92806 Los Angeles County, USA
Fax: (714) 956-6233 - Tel: (714) 956-6200